August Price Hike : How to Deal?

In response to the anticipated food and fuel price hike in August, let me share my views on these issues with you. This year marks the hike of everything related to food and fuel.


The prices of fuel will go up 40 sen. For example, RON 97 unleaded petrol which retails @ RM 1.92/liter [RM 1.90 after it’s rounded down] will be RM 2.40/liter. Many people will want to downsize their cost. They choose to buy smaller cars, i.e. PERODUA. Many car dealers claim them as the champion in fuel efficiency. It’s no wonder then that many Malaysians are storming to PERODUA dealers to book their models ranging from Kancil to Viva. Other reasons :

1. Cheaper road tax rates.

Kancil, Kenari, Kelisa, Myvi (1000 cc), and Viva road tax rates are fixed @ RM20 per year.

2. Easy to maintain

3. Smaller fuel tank volume.

As certain PERODUA models have 40 litres of petrol, the amount of full tank should reach RM50 per litre. How will it cost when the petrol goes up?

4. Easier to park.

If you do not want to buy a PERODUA, I suggest other car makes that is suitable for you. I recommend NAZA Forza . I intended to buy it, but since I can’t afford that RM5k down payment, I feel comfortable with my second hand Kelisa. Another reason is it’s only available with manual transmission. I shall (NOT I will) wait until it offers automatic gear. A good buy indeed. INOKOM Atos is another car that will benefit you.


As we all know, apart from fuel, the prices of food will go up as well. Food ranging from basic rice up to luxurious ones will go up. My mum shares her view on the current global food hike crisis. From my family’s experience of living overseas, I can say that we, Malaysians should take advantage of this uncertainty to bring our own food to work, to school, or going out. That way, we can AND shall trim down costs of eating out. With this crisis looming, people in underdeveloped countries will be hungry if there is nothing to be done right now.

Politic wise, if Pak Lah’s government can’t contain these crises, it will be Anwar’s turn. That is why Pakatan Rakyat describes the current government as “Kerajaan Barang Naik (Goods Hike Government)” in its recent election manifesto. How shall we [NOT will we] cope with his government?

August Price Hike : How to Deal?

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