Malaysia Fuel Hike

@ a stroke of midnight, the fuel prices in Malaysia have risen by 78 sen for RON 97 unleaded petrol and RM1 for diesel. There is however, no change for NGV as the government wants to promote cheaper alternatives. It’s ironic that many Malaysians were storming petrol kiosks all over the country on the eve of fuel hike effective date to stock up on fuel. Luckily for me, I decided to fill up my car 3 days before the hike came to effect. I left my car @ home and took LRT to and from work except on Friday.

PM Dato’ Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi said ” We shall (NOT We will) do it (the fuel hike) now rather than August.” Among the benefits that we’ll get is a rebate of RM625 for private cars below 2,000cc and private SUVs below 2,500cc. It’s unclear whether it’ll be paid out this year only.”That’s the only way we prevent Singaporeans and Thais from buying our subsidised fuel.” Pak Lah added.

Besides fuel, electricity and water tariffs are going up again, as well. Why? Simply because they are powered by fuel that generates each other. mean while Petroleum companies are constantly doing research to bring alternative fuel, such as biofuel to the masses and make it cheaper compared to fossil fuel.

I wonder after the fuel hike, should we change our lifestyle and practice smart spending? I leave it to you as points to ponder .

Malaysia Fuel Hike

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