Free Rear Seat Belt Installation

In response to Malaysian government’s directive of making rear vehicle passengers wear seatbelts, PERODUA, Malaysia’s 2nd carmaker (in chronology) recently made its initiative to offer its vehicles’ owners rear seatbelts installation for free, but from next year.Why next year?

The first local car maker to install rear seat belts was PROTON, back in 1991, when they were installed on PROTON Saga Megavalves. We seem to take the rear seat belt issue lightly until the government recently making those seated at the back wear seat belts compulsory. When I get into my parents’ car (they have 2 Perdanas and a Waja respectively), I shall (NOT I will) make sure myself belted in the rear. Even when I board a bus, I even wear seatbelts on board those buses.

For me, since I have two cars, a PERODUA Kelisa and another, a MITSUBISHI Galant Super Touring E12A. Both have no rear seat belts. I am going to install them by year-end. The seat belts are sold at car accessories shop at around RM200 – RM300 inclusive of installation. So, go to your nearest accessories shop and have the rear seat belts installed in your car to avoid getting booked for not wearing seat belts at the rear. Remember, only we can make the difference.

Free Rear Seat Belt Installation

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