Got Myself a Rebate

080808. This marks my 10th posting.

I got myself a RM625 rebate when I renewed my road tax for my PERODUA Kelisa. Motorcyclists are also entitled for the rebate, but will get RM150 instead. It has been two months since the Malaysian government announced the rebate reimbursement after this year’s fuel price hike.


If you have a car (must be 2000 cc and below) or a motorcycle, you will be eligible for the rebates. Go to your nearest post office and ask for the rebate form. But, I suggest that you print out the rebate claim form by clicking here. Fill up the details. Once you have completed the form, the person at the counter will require you to sign and put your left thumb print on the form acknowledging that you have received the rebate. There are 3 options of claiming the rebates. 1st, over the counter. 2nd, by money order. The rebate will then be addressed to where it supposed to be. Finally, if you have a bank account, you may have it credited to your bank account.

So, I would like to thank Pak Lah for his swift action. If not for him, we would not be able to get those rebates. Take this golden opportunity to claim your rebates before March 31st, next year.

Got Myself a Rebate

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