My Own Drive – A Year on…..

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Assalamualaikum (Hi there), LA HAMI! It has been a year since you owned your 1st car. Can AND will you tell us the story behind your very own 1st car?

My car is a purplish manual Perodua Kelisa. I bought it second hand from a dealer in Selayang-Batu Caves intersection. I bought it @ just RM300. The value of that car was RM 21.8k.

What factors led you to having it?

The fair and reasonable amount of down payment as well as installment rates.

After you acquired your 1st car?

I drove to Kuala Selangor. It clocked 7XK on the odometre and  54 km on the tripmetre. I noticed there was something wrong with the speedometre. The needle seemed to bounce when the needle hit (a form of past tense) 80 kph and beyond. I had it fixed, and now, it works!

How much are you paying for fuel?

I pay RM 50 for a full tank. During the RM2.70 fuel hike, the needle on the fuel tank indicator shows half a tank. Now, that the fuel price has gone downwards, I can AND shall (NOT will) pay RM50 as I said. My Kelisa runs on RON97 petrol. It requires minimum RON90 onwards. With the introduction of RON95 petrol later this year, I shall be able to even save more.

Where was your furthest drive since you owned a car?

My furthest trip was to Kelantan, my parents’ hometown. I refuelled it halfway in Terengganu. I drive this car mostly to JB.

To be honest, were you involved in an accident or issued summonses?

I shall (NOT I will) definitely say NO! The 1st full year is accident and summons-free.

One last thing before we go, what will your next car be?

Insya-Allah (God willing), I shall be driving a new PERODUA Myvi. This time, it will be automatic gearbox one. I shall ask my parent to pay the remaining rates. I am currently negotiating with a PERODUA dealer to trade in my car for a Myvi.

Thank you for having  such a great time with us. Be a safe and smart driver. You can make a difference.

I shall.

My Own Drive – A Year on…..

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