Triple By-election Review

It was a status quo for Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat which retained one parliamentary and two state legislative assembly [DUN] seats respectively. The three seats were vacated following deaths and resignation of 3 members.

Let’s start with BN, shall [NOT will] we? Malcolm Mussen Lamoh became the new state legislative assemblyman for Batang Ai [N.29(Q)] in Sarawak with a majority of 3,907 votes as compared with PKR‘s Jawah anak Gerang with 2,053 votes. This signified the trust of BN’s new leadership under Datuk Seri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak with his manifesto, “1 MALAYSIA!”.

But, on the peninsula side, it was a different story. In parliamentary constituency of Bukit Gantang [P.59] in Perak, PAS defended the seat through its candidate, ex-Perak MB, Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar bin Jamaluddin. He got 21,860 votes, while BN‘s Ismail bin Safian voted in a total of 19,071. Another independent [umbrella,ela,eh,eh,eh] candidate, Kamarul Ramizu bin Idris only managed to get 62 votes. The memory of the so-called under-the-tree DUN meeting in March were still fresh on their mind. Nizar’s ongoing legal battle with Datuk Zambry as Perak MB will determine who leads that state.

Moving on to Bukit Selambau [N.25(K)]. Another victory for Anwar-led PKR. A brotherly battle for Bukit Selambau state legislative assembly constituency as S.Manikumar voted in a total of 12,632. His elder brother, Datuk S. Ganesan of BN had 10,229 votes. Another one, S.Moganakumar, one of 13 independent candidates for Bukit Selambau DUN constituency [he was represented by a ‘book’] got only 46 votes.

So, with BN managed to secure only one seat, Najib & Co. should still now focus on taking back 4 Pakatan-ruled states via a snap election, starting with Kelantan. Or, @ the earliest, Bukit Lanjan state legislative assembly seat if the ADUN gets the nod to resign. Will Najib be able to do what his late father did? Will people’s mindset revert when they vote back BN? It seems like most younger generations now do not seem to appreciate contributions by past BN leaders in building the nation which is known as MALAYSIA. Like the saying on the prospectus goes, “Past performances do not necessarily reflect future results.” I hope they will, someday.

Triple By-election Review

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