Buy Malaysia is Back!

It’s back! After over two decades of hiatus, the Buy Malaysia campaign is relaunched by our [now forrmer (5th)] PM, Datuk Seri Haji Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi.

What is Buy Malaysia? Basically, it means products which are entirely made in Malaysia, NOT Malaysia-manufactured foreign products. Among homegrown goods are Proton, Perodua, Silverstone, Petronas, etc. Let me give you insight of some of Malaysia’s favourite homegrown products.


An acronym for Petroleum Nasional Berhad. PETRONAS has been our (Malaysians’) choice for a long time. I think we (Malaysians) should support it during the ‘Boycott USA and Israeli Products’ campaign.


A local alternative to KFC and Pizza Hut. Plus, it is owned by Johor Corporation, that holds franchises of both US fast food chain. It should be able to contend against Berjaya Group‘s Kenny Rogers Roasters and Nando’s.

What are other factors behind great reputatiton? Constant quality checks and fair pricing makes it a worthy buy. If it (the product) is locally made but low in quality, then we shouldn’t buy it. So, take this opportunity to use 100% local stuff.


Buy Malaysia is Back!

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