Another Failure for BN in Manik Urai

Today’s by-election saw two candidates battling it out for the state legislative assembly [DUN] constituency of Manik Urai [N.41(D)]. PAS retained it through its candidate, Fauzi Abdullah with a majority of 65 votes and a total of 5,438 votes, beating Barisan Nasional‘s Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat, who got 5,283 votes.

Why did BN fail?

Firstly, BN’s candidate sounds almost similar to present Kelantan MB, but with a different surname.

PAS tried to avenge Ismail Yaacob’s death with so-called sympathetic votes so that discussion with BN’s UMNO can be called.

Meanwhile, BN urges Election Commission [EC] to tighten supervision of  parties contesting in elections. BN’s loss in numerous elections was the main factor.

Maybe EC should consider a more accurate method in counting ballot as other countries deploy ballot counting machines instead of current manual ballot sorting.

BN, think of other methods of recapturing the whole of Kelantan, as PAS celebrates 20th year of rule next year. This way, you can AND will regain Kelantan in the next general election.

Another Failure for BN in Manik Urai

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