Stop Manipulating Islam, UMNO and PAS told

KEPALA BATAS: UMNO and PAS should make the Permatang Pasir by-election a turning point to stop touching on sensitive religious issues to fish for votes, former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

He said the two Malay-based parties should avoid harping on and manipulating Islamic issues in their campaign.

Abdullah, who has been calling for Umno and Pas to discuss issues pertaining to the interest of Islam and Malay community, yesterday repeated his call.

“UMNO and PAS need to reach an understanding and come up with a list of sensitive Islamic issues that should not be politicised by both sides,” he said after opening the Kepala Batas UMNO division’s delegates annual conference here yesterday.

He said both parties should focus their campaign on issues like the economy, development and how to improve the people’s standard of living.

Abdullah added that since part of the campaign period and polling day itself is in the month of Ramadan, both parties should exercise self-restraint.

“As we shall [Muslims will] be fasting, it is important that those involved refrain from doing things that could compromise the status of Ramadan as a holy month for Muslims.”

He later reminded all Barisan Nasional component parties to give their undivided support to the effort to wrest control of the seat from Pas.

“BN’s strength lies in the 100 per cent commitment of its component parties and all component parties should show their solidarity and campaign in Permatang Pasir.”

[Source : NSTonline]

Stop Manipulating Islam, UMNO and PAS told

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