Hooray for Malaysia Day in Peninsula from 2K10!

KUALA LUMPUR: Beginning this year [2010], Sept 16, which is Malaysia Day has been declared a public holiday.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the day would involve activities that would foster the 1Malaysia spirit.

He added this meant Malaysians would have a twin celebration, to commemorate the country’s independence starting next year

Najib said National Day on Aug 31 would be celebrated with formal events such as a parade to commemorate the historical moment and it would remind the people about the struggle in achieving independence from the colonists.

He made the announcement during the question-and-answer session at Parliament recently.

Najib said Sabah and Sarawak, which joined Malaysia in 1963 and the formation of Malaysia as an independent country was a very important moment in history.

“We want the joy and sorrows of the people in Sabah and Sarawak to be felt by the people in the Peninsula,” he said.

“Therefore, I would like to announce to the people of Malaysia that the Cabinet has recently made the decision to celebrate Hari Malaysia on Sept 16 starting 2010.”

Malaysia Day would be celebrated with events that would foster closer unity, understanding between the different races and community success and achievement through sports, social culture and arts, to spur the 1Malaysia spirit, he added.

[Source : The Star Online]

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Hooray for Malaysia Day in Peninsula from 2K10!

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Malaysia Day in Peninsula from 2K10!

  1. […] Now, let’s see what will the 2nd half have in store for us. Locally (In Malaysia), the once-in-a-decade National Population and Household Census is going on now up till August 22. If you would like to participate in this census, you may OR should do so by clicking here. Malaysia Day, previously only celebrated in Sarawak on September 16, will now be a nationwide celebr…. […]


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