1st By-election in 2010 Likely?

Following the High Court order of vacancy of Kota Siputeh [N.3(K)] state legislative assembly (DUN) seat, we could see yet another by-election. This is because the representative for the constituency went AWOL.

Kota Siputeh falls under the Jerlun parlimentary constituency, which of course is held by Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. The last time Kedah saw a by-election was during the April 7th triple by-election in Bukit Selambau [N.25(K)].

So, will BN be able to retain the Kota Siputeh seat, or will it be Pakatan’s turn this time around? We shall [NOT We will] wait for the outcome of Kedah DUN vs EC. Keep this space for the latest updates.

[UPDATE : EC WILL NOT call for by-election of Kota Siputeh. @ least, we can AND shall wait for XIII general election slated around 2013 or if Najib calls for a snap election next year.]

1st By-election in 2010 Likely?

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