Najib’s 2K9 [NOT ’09] Retrospective

PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has expressed confidence that the country is on the correct path towards greater unity and prosperity.

“At the start of 2009, I had forecast a year full of challenges for us all, which would require the collective efforts of all Malaysians to overcome,” he said in his retrospective take of the year’s issues on his blog yesterday.

Among the issues Najib discussed on his blog were the 1Malaysia concept, the economy, his foreign missions and his interest in the cyber world.

“More significantly, as my work took me around the country, I witnessed many occasions that proved that the 1Malaysia concept is a long-standing practice,” said Najib who became the country’s sixth Prime Minister in April last year.

He also reflected on the steps the Government was taking to put its ideas into practice.

“We are now moving forward with the transformation programme, having designed comprehensive action plans to achieve national targets as stipulated under new government initiatives that also included the six National Key Result Areas [NKRAs].”

Commenting on the country’s economy, Najib said the Stimulus Package II [‘duh’ second] and the Budget 2010 were implemented after taking into consideration feedback from the public.

On the encouraging response to his Facebook, blog, and Twitter postings, Najib said: “I shall [NOT I will] look forward to meeting my Internet friends and fans in programmes scheduled for next year.”

Najib called on all Malaysians to work together with him in efforts to bring progress to the country.

“The year has certainly brought its share of rewards and challenges, but I shall look forward to 2010, so that we can and shall [NOT will, again] continue to chart our path together towards realising the 1Malaysia concept in spirit and in practice.”

[Source : The Star Online]

Najib’s 2K9 [NOT ’09] Retrospective

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