2K10 – FiFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Asiad, etc

Welcome to yet another year of surprises! 1st of all, we shall [NOT will] be looking forward to THE [‘duhhh’] Greatest Show on Earth, the FiFA World Cup. This time around, it will be held in South Africa, the 1st African country to host such sport tournament. Another sporting event is the XiX [19th] Commonwealth Games. India is the second Asian country under Commonwealth banner to host it after Malaysia. Meanwhile, the Asian Games will take place in Guangzhou, China, 2 years after it last hosted the Olympiad in capital Beijing. On the local side, the biennial Malaysia Games, otherwise known as SUKMA will be held in the historic state, Melaka. The last known state to host it was Terengganu, back in 2008. This marks the 14th edition of it since 1988.

The national residential and housing census will be held this year. Kelantan will mark its 20th anniversary of rule under PAS. Meanwhile, Kedah and Melaka will achieve developed state status by this year.


These people below will turn another milestone older or younger.

20 (b. 1990)

Sean Kingston (Feb 3)

Andrea Bowen (Mar 4)

Kristen Stewart (Apr 9)

Emma Watson (Apr 15)

Chris Colfer (May 27)

JoJo (Dec 20)

David Archuleta (Dec 28)

25 (b. 1985)

Keira Knightley (Mar 26)

Leona Lewis (Apr 3)

Ashley Tisdale (Jul 2)

Anna Kendrick (Aug 9)

T-Pain (Sep 30)

Michelle Tratchenberg (Oct 11)

Ciara (Oct 25)

Kaley Cuoco (Nov 30)

Amanda Seyfried (Dec 3)

Frankie Muniz (Dec 5)

Marsha Londoh (Dec 6)

Raven-Symone (Dec 10)

30 (b. 1980)

Alicia Keys (Jan 25)

Nick Carter (Jan 28)

Christina Ricci (Feb 12)

Chingy (Mar 9)

Melissa Maureen Rizal (Mar 19)

Cheryl Samad (Mar 27)

Brian McFadden (Apr 12)

Jay Menon (June 26)

Jessica Simpson (Jul 10)

Kristen Bell (Jul 18)

Giselle Bundchen (Jul 20)

Vanessa Carlton (Aug 16)

Faez Khalid (Sept 15)

Jolin Tsai (Sep 15)

Myself (Oct 2)

Edison Chen (Oct 5)

Ashanti (Oct 13)

Monica Arnold (Oct 24)

Aishah Sinclair (Oct 27)

Nita (M’sian Idol 2) (Nov 3)

Marion Caunter (Nov 5)

Monique Coleman (Nov 13)

Jenna Dewan (Dec 3)

Tata Young (Dec 14)

Christina Aguilera (Dec 18)

Jake Gyllenhall (Dec 19)

Ashley Cole (Dec 20)

Eliza Dushku (Dec 30)

40  (b. 1970)

Minnie Driver (Jan 31)

Mariah Carey (Mar 27)

Naomi Campbell (May 22)

Chris O’Donnell (June 26)

Deborah Gibson (Aug 31)

Christy Chung (Sep 16)

50 (b. 1960)

Nigella Lawson (Jan 7)

Bono (May 10)

Jane Lynch (Jul 14)

Joan Jett (Sep 22)

Julianne Moore (Dec 3)

2K10 – FiFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Asiad, etc

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