Buy Nothing Today!

Every year, on this date, we are not encouraged to spend anything. It is called ‘Buy Nothing Day’. Coincidentally, this year comes to a surprise for us as the government announces hikes of sugar and fuel from today. I am sure many of you were experiencing long queues at petrol station last night before the 5 sen price hike. Anyway, here is a tip I would like to share with you.


I practise it every time I go to work. My mom often encourages me to do that. We (Malaysians) spend about < RM10 for breakfast and lunch. So, take the opportunity today to bring your own packed meal rather than buying them from roadside stalls. Do what you used to do during your school days. It will save you a lot of money.

So,make the most of today to do what I say. Give our wallets [OR purse for ladies] a break. Be a smart Malaysian consumer. A smart consumer benefits more!

More can be found on

Buy Nothing Today!

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