ASTRO B.yond – A New Revolution for Malaysian TV

[Updated with 4 new channels. See list below.]

Today marks the new milestone for 46-year-old Malaysian TV broadcast as ASTRO launches its first ever fully high-definiton broadcast. That means, we shall [Malaysians will] be able to watch favourite channels in full high definition glory. It’s called ASTRO b.yond. 7 HD-version channels will be available. They are as follow :

@ present, ASTRO subscribers can AND will get a set of ASTRO b.yond for free when they swap their old decoder with a new one. It consists of the following stuff:

  • 1 Astro B.yond Box
  • 1 Astro B.yond Dish
  • 1 new Smartcard
  • 1 new Remote Control
  • 1 HDMI Cable

For those of you who have such big-sized LCD TVs, then, this is YOUR chance to experience HD technology in Malaysia. The only drawback is, that we shall [NOT will] be paying extra RM20 on top of our monthly subscription.

I hope the HD technology will also apply to rival terrestrial [Free2Air] television networks in Malaysia, just like neighbo[u]ring Singapore.

Find out more on ASTRO b.yond by clicking here. You may OR should also check Wikipedia.




ASTRO B.yond – A New Revolution for Malaysian TV

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