Al-Fatihah to Shamrin Fotograf

PETALING JAYA: Singer Shamrin of Fotograf fame passed away yesterday afternoon. He was 45.

Shamrin, whose full name is Mohd Shamrin Samad, collapsed while playing football at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baharu, Kuala Lumpur at about 6pm.

According to his friend Johan Aziz, Shamrin collapsed 15 minutes into the game.

“We brought him to the Al-Islam Specialist Hospital in Kampung Baharu, but the doctor pronounced him dead upon arrival,” Johan said.

The body of Shamrin was later sent to Kuala Lumpur Hospital for post mortem.

Fotograf became famous after the release of their first album titled Iramanya Bergetar in 1989 and song Di Alam Fana Cintamu.

[Source : The Star Online]

Al-Fatihah to Shamrin Fotograf

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