2K11 : Hopes and Wishes Ahead

1st of all, I would like to apologise for late blogging. Anyways, a happy New Year 2011 or 2K11 (Two-Thousand-and-Eleven/Twentyleven whichever you may call it.) In Malaysia, we shall be seeing yet another general election on the cards this year. I predict that Najib is heading for a clean sweep in general polls. Also coming up this year is going to be another double celebration, this time Merdeka Raya, a clash of Malaysian Independence Day and Eid Mubarak. On the global scene, THE [duh] worst disaster of the decade, the World Trade Centre Twin Towers attack in New York City will turn a decade old with the conception of Freedom Square built on Ground Zero.


These people below will turn another year old [or young].

50 [b.1961]

Willie Revillame [Jan 27]

Susan Boyle [Apr 1]

Sarah Dalin (Bananarama) [Apr 2]

Barrack Obama [Aug 4]

40 [b.1971]

Lea Salonga [Feb 22]

30 [b.1981]

Jamelia [Jan 2]

Justin Timberlake [Jan 31]

Paris Hilton [Feb 17]

Rica Peralejo [Mar 7]

Sazzy Falak [Mar 10]

Natalie Portman [June 9]

Alexis Bledel [Sep 20]

Angelika dela Cruz [Oct 29]

Natasha Bedingfield [Nov 26]

25 [b.1986]

Mischa Barton [Jan 24]

Patrick Star [Feb 26]

Stacie Orrico [Mar 3]

Lady GaGa [Mar 28]

Amanda Bynes [Apr 3]

Megan Fox [May 16]

Sharifah Amani [June 10]

Lindsay Lohan [Jul 2]

Spongebob SquarePants [Jul 14]

Camilla Belle [Oct 2]

Angelica Panganiban [Nov 4]

2K11 : Hopes and Wishes Ahead

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