XIII Malaysia GE to Go Biometric

PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission (EC) of Malaysia plans to use the biometric system to enable the verification of voters in the coming general election to be done electronically, said its chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof.

He said the EC would cooperate with the Home Ministry in using the system, which was being used by the ministry to verify foreigners.

He was responding to one of the eight demands made by Bersih.

The Immigration Department is currently using the biometric system at all the country’s entry/exit points to curb international crime and the influx of illegal immigrants.

“By using biometric prior to issuing the ballot paper, the first step to be taken is to verify the identity card to prove that it is a genuine document.

“The bearer of the identity card needs to place his or her thumb on the device, and the information that appears on the screen will be the same as on his/her IC.

“Once verified, we shall [NOT will] check whether the voter’s name is in the electoral roll.

“If it is there, we shall [NOT will] issue the ballot paper.” – Bernama

XIII Malaysia GE to Go Biometric

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