DPM: Help Improve English

SITIAWAN: The Government wants more corporate bodies to help improve English literacy among students as part of their social responsibility.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said a unified focus between the public and private sectors was crucial to the development of the nation’s human capital as highlighted in the recent Budget 2012 announcement.

“With more resources being made available to our youth, I believe we can mould well-rounded individuals to spearhead Malaysia in the era of globalisation,” Muhyiddin said during his working visit to SMK Batu 10 in Lekir near here yesterday.

Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said the ministry had introduced several initiatives to enhance English Language learning in schools especially in the rural areas since last year.

“We have increased the number of English teachers in schools, introduced foreign native speakers to work alongside our teachers in classrooms, increased the hours of learning and introduced a fun interactive English curriculum at the lower primary level,” he said.

However, Muhyiddin said students, especially those in the rural areas, had the tendency to communicate in their mother tongue.

Muhyiddin later announced allocations for several projects in the Lumut parliamentary constituency, including RM1mil for the development of SJK (T) Pangkor, RM1.5mil for the construction of a community hall in Lekir and a van worth RM100,000 for SMK Batu 10.

Earlier in Seri Iskandar, Muhyiddin told Barisan Nasional leaders that the quality of leadership at the division level would determine the rise and fall of the central leadership of each party.

Noting that the general election was drawing near, Muhyiddin said Umno and all component parties under Barisan must work together as a team.

“We must do our best to solve the problems of the rakyat in order to regain their confidence,” he said during a 1Malaysia lunch at the Kemas Training Institute.

[Source : The Star Online]

DPM: Help Improve English

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