Of Olympics, Ramadan, Polls, etc….

July – the start of a brand new 2nd half of the year. 1st of all, Muslims will be ushering in the Parent of All Months, Ramadan in the middle of this month. Concerns are in store during this fasting month. The Olympics will be held for the second time in London in 64 years. Believe it or not, the Olympiad is going to be held during the fasting month of Ramadan. How will the organisers cope with it? How will our (Malaysian) athletes perform? Also, EPL teams, Manchester City and Arsenal are playing against our soccer team (Malaysia VI) this month. On a local note, the Malaysia Games which used to be a biennial sporting event will be held for the second time in Pahang this month.

On the local front as well, as the XIII General Election will be held within the second half of the year, I bet PM Najib might OR will be announcing the dissolution date of the Parliament during the 2013 Budget tabling. Also, the new RM notes will be released. So, good news for those who are going to exchange money for RM1 bundle for duit raya, this is your chance.

Imagine, if the world ends this year, according to Nostradamus, will Euro,Olympiad, and Malaysia Games be THE [‘duh’] last games ever played? Let us ponder for a moment…….

Of Olympics, Ramadan, Polls, etc….

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