Wassup, 2K13?!

Yo ‘Sup peeps! Welcome to yet another year full of challenges ahead. First of all, Malaysia will be heading to the polls. I think the Parliament should be dissolved before the Lunar New Year. The date of polls should be on March 8, the last election date which fell 5 years ago. 2013 will yet be a milestone for Malaysia as we shall (Malaysians will) be celebrating 50 years of inception of a nation. As for me, I shall (NOT will) be getting married by this year, insya-Allah (God willing).


20 (b. 1993)

Taylor Lautner (Feb 18)

Taylor Momsen (Jul 26)

25 (b. 1988)

Rihanna (Feb 19)

Liyana Jasmay (Mar 29)

Melai Cantiveros (Apr 6)

Adele (May 5)

Sarah Geronimo (Jul 25)

Maja (pronounced ‘Maha’) Salvador (Oct 5)

Tiz Zaqyah (Oct 25)

30 (b 1983)

Kate Bosworth (Jan 2)

Carrie Underwood (Mar 10)

Michelle Branch (Jul 2)

Datuk Nicole Ann David (Aug 26)

40 (b. 1973)

Syafinaz Selamat (Jan 11)

Kate Beckinsale (Jul 26)

Aishwarya Rai (Nov 1)

50 (b.1963)

Johnny Depp (June 9)

Gabby Concepcion (Nov 5)

Nicolette Sheridan (Nov 21)

Brad Pitt (Dec 18)

60 (b. 1953)

Nora Aunor (May 21)

Awang Sariyan (Oct 20)

Vilma Santos (Nov 3)

Wassup, 2K13?!

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