BL1M Joy for New Motorcycle Licence Applicants


KUALA LUMPUR: Some 500,000 new applicants for the B2 category motorcycle licence will enjoy lower fees under the Bantuan Lesen 1Malaysia (BL1M) programme, to be launched at the end of January.

Barisan Nasional Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said successful applicants under the BL1M programme would pay only RM199 for their licence which included riding and practical theory tests for the B2 licence, which is for bikes below 250cc.

“Based on figures, some 200,000 unlicensed motorcyclists are nabbed by the Road Transport Department (RTD) a year and we hope to address this pressing issue through BL1M,” he told reporters at the launching of the BL1M pre-registration exercise here.

He said that RTD had fixed RM261 for the B2 licence but driving schools currently charged between RM350 and RM690 owing to add-on charges, which most youths cannot afford.

“The BL1M is an effort by us to help the youth, particularly those who are not able to afford it, to obtain their motorcycle licence,” he said, adding that between 300,000 and 500,000 stand to benefit from the programme.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is expected to launch the programme.

He said the programme is open to Malaysians between 17 and 40, irrespective of race or gender and not blacklisted by RTD.

“We shall (NOT We will) hold talks with the Home Ministry and Attorney-General Chambers to see if those blacklisted are able to have their name cleared to allow them to benefit from the programme,” he added.

He said to further instil road safety awareness, successful applicants will have to undergo an additional hour of classes on road safety tips prepared by the Road Safety Department.

“BL1M is an innovative touch-point programme by Barisan that will bear tangible results for the nation’s youth,” he added.

Khairy said those interested can obtain more information and register at or

BL1M Joy for New Motorcycle Licence Applicants

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