4th Anniversary cum Parliament Dissolution Speech by Najib

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak
Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

KUALA LUMPUR: Following is the English translation of the address by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when announcing the dissolution of the Dewan Rakyat live over radio and television yesterday:

 Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi taala wabarakatuh, Good Morning, and Salam 1Malaysia.

1. First and foremost, let us thank the Almighty for it is due to His permission and blessings that the Deputy Prime Minister and I are able to be here live with all of you.

2. I wish to inform the people of Malaysia that yesterday, I had an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to seek His Majesty’s consent to have the 12th Parliament dissolved effective today.

3. In this connection, I advise the heads of the relevant state governments to have an audience with the heads of the states to seek the dissolution of the respective state legislative assemblies so that the general election can be held simultaneously throughout the country.
My beloved Malaysians,
4. Today, four years ago, on April 3, 2009, I was sworn in to assume the trust and responsibility as the Prime Minister of our beloved Malaysia. During this period, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Cabinet members, members of the administration and I have initiated and implemented change and reform centred on the philosophy of 1Malaysia : People First, Performance Now, and guided by the National Transformation Policy.
5. Over the past four years, the people of Malaysia have been able to see and experience for themselves how the planning phase of the National Transformation Initiative involving the Government, Economic, Political and Social Transformation Programmes had been implemented and bore fruit by way of raising the well-being of the people and prosperity of the country.
6. The government of today is a responsible government, this government is a government which places the interests of the people of Malaysia above everything else. We are a government which fulfills promises, we are a government which cherishes the trust placed in us. Ours is not the way of engaging in sweet talk. Our commitment can be evaluated and gauged from our performance and track record over the past four years.
My beloved Malaysians,
7. This dissolution will pave the way for the beginning of the process for the 13th general election since 1959, that is when we held the first post-independence general election.
8. Malaysia is a country which practises parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy as the basis of its administration. The absolute power to choose the government rests with the people.
9. History has shown that a flourishing Malaysian democracy has provided a luxuriant base for national stability and prosperity which has been enjoyed by the citizens for more than five decades.
10. The practice of democracy in Malaysia has been everlasting and successful because, despite its highly intense and competitive nature, it emerged successful eventually because all quarters respected its process and results.
11. I wish to urge that we continue with this tradition for the sake of the people’s well-being and national stability. All the political parties which choose to be involved in the election process this time should exercise responsibility. Let not there be anyone who attempts to sow suspicion and damage the trust in the integrity of the process of the coming election just because they are not convinced of the people’s support for their respective parties.
 12. Bear in mind and learn a lesson from what has happened in other countries where there have been attempts to apply this tactic. Eventually, the election process in these countries was no longer reliable and any elected government, including the party which practised such tactics had been rejected by the people. Eventually, the countries became unstable, investor confidence got eroded, the national prosperity plummeted and, ultimately, the people suffered.
 13. History has shown that the election process in Malaysia has been competent, fair and transparent since independence. The government elected through the general election, whether at the state or federal level, was a government which enjoyed the support and confidence of the majority of the people in accordance with the practice of universal democracy.
14. The democratic practice as the core of the administration is the best mechanism ever created by man. The fact is that differences of opinion, ideas and views are not the cause of catastrophe or disunity, instead as history has shown, if well addressed and managed, they are able to bring blessings which would prosper the people and develop the country.
15. Let us together, whether we are from the government or the opposition, give our commitment to maintain the resilience of the democratic process and respect the decision made by the people. Let us all pray that this election will run smoothly, peacefully and safely.
My beloved Malaysians,
16. I want to assure you that we shall (the government will) continue to carry out its duties and responsibilities in accordance with the principles of upholding the constitution and the rule of law until the election process is concluded.
17. I also want to urge and assure the people of Malaysia and the political parties involved that if any transfer of power were to take place at the federal or state level, it will be executed in a peaceful and orderly manner. This is our commitment to upholding the principles of democracy. This is our resolve in upholding the political transformation. This is our commitment in respecting the voice and putting the interests of the people first.
18. To all Malaysians, especially those living in the east coast of Sabah, do not be worried and afraid. Carry out and exercise your responsibility as Malaysian citizens; the security forces will undertake their duty to ensure your safety.
19. Every vote is important. Do not waste it; do not gamble away the future of your children and Malaysia. Think and ponder appropriately before making a decision because your vote will determine not only the direction of the country and the states but also the destiny of our children and grandchildren.
20. In this election, you are not only responsible in selecting your elected representatives in the parliamentary and state constituencies, but also choosing the government that will uphold your aspirations.
My beloved Malaysians,
21. I stand here with a sense of humility and honour because I have been entrusted to serve you. My colleagues and I appreciate and uphold the confidence placed upon us by the people. We have given our best to Malaysia and its citizens.
22. As the head of the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, I would like to record my appreciation and gratitude to the people of Malaysia for their faith in the BN government to lead the country over the past five years. From today, my colleagues and I in the BN leadership will go down to the ground all over the country to convince the people why we should be given the chance to return to power to form the government with a strong majority.
23. We shall (NOT We will) use the strong mandate given, Insya-Allah (God willing), to redouble our efforts to chart a better, more meaningful and more prosperous future for you and your children and grandchildren. Let us proceed with the national vision in marching towards a developed and high-income Malaysia. Mind you, the achievement is not automatic but requires us to redouble our efforts and pursue the continuing success.
 24. Let us come together hand-in-hand to make this dream a reality – a Malaysia that is progressive, prosperous and safe, filled with opportunities and full of hope for all. To Malaysia, we devote our deeds, to God we submit.
 Thank you. Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
4th Anniversary cum Parliament Dissolution Speech by Najib

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