Tok Pa to Be Kelantan MB

Mustapa Mohamed

TUMPAT: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has indicated that Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed (pic) will be Menteri Besar of Kelantan should Barisan Nasional take over the state.


Najib described Mustapa, who is defending his Jeli parliamentary seat and also a candidate for the Air Lanas state seat, as a good and capable leader.


“Mustapa is capable of leading Kelantan as Menteri Besar. If you throw your support behind him, I can AND shall assure you that Kelantan will be prosperous and progressive,” the Barisan chairman told the capacity crowd at a gathering yesterday.


Najib said Mustapa, who served as the International Trade and Industry Minister, would use his experience to bring the state to greater heights.


Najib also called on Kelantanese to reject extremism and politics of hatred propagated by the Opposition.


He said the Kelantan PAS government had used sympathy and hate politics to dupe the people into thinking that Barisan was a cruel government.


Najib fired up the crowd by promising to build the Palekbang-Kampung Cina bridge that was abandoned by the PAS government 15 years ago.


“We shall (NOT We will) prove our worth if given the mandate to take over from a government that has hoodwinked the people and has nothing to show except for empty promises and using Islam as a tool for political expediency,” he said.


Earlier when addressing the crowd in Machang, Najib hit out at PAS for failure to develop the state despite receiving 23 years of goodwill from the people.


“They were given all the chances to succeed, yet they did not grab the chance. It is time to bequeath Kelantan back to Barisan so the coalition can make good on its promises,” he said.


Najib also promised that 1,000 affordable houses would be built in the Machang district as it is located in the centre of the state.

[Source : The Star Online]

Tok Pa to Be Kelantan MB

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