Apprentice Asia on AXN Tonight!

apprentice asia

apprentice asia contestants

After much anticipation, the Asian edition of one of the highest-rated reality television shows is finally making its airwaves. The Apprentice Asia airs tonight at 2105 on AXN. AirAsia boss, Tan Sri Datuk Tony Fernandes will be playing the regional Donald Trump.  A total of 12 contestants from across the region of Asia will land the hundred-grand-per-month job. For the record, Malaysia has the most number of contestants,   followed by India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, which send two people. The rest (China, Singapore, and Thailand) are represented by one person from each country. Three Malaysians are up to this challenge, Nazril bin Idrus, Ng Kian Tat aka Hanzo, and Nik  Aisyah Amirah binti Mansor, being the youngest Malaysian participant. Here are the rundown of each Malaysian contestant.

Nazril bin Idrus

– Husband of Malaysian actress Sazzy Falak

Ng Kian Tat aka Hanzo

– Self-proclaimed ‘ninja’. He was fired on the 2nd episode.


– She delayed her wedding. I bet she will win the inaugural season of The Apprentice Asia.

The contestants gather around the KLCC Park. They were divided into gender-specific team. The guys team are called the Mavericks and the gals call themselves Apex, led by Nik. But unfortunately, the Mavericks leader, Indon Hendy was the first to get fired by Tan Sri Fernandes.

Their first task was to be fishmongers at a pasar sehari in Section 17, Petaling Jaya (PJ City). So, the Apex won this pilot episode of The Apprentice Asia.

My wish to fellow Malaysians participating in The Apprentice Asia, “MALAYSIA BOLEH!”

Apprentice Asia on AXN Tonight!

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