Haze [aka Smog] : Whose Fault is It and should Be Blamed?

I am pressed to give my opinion on the current hazy situation in the peninsular part of Malaysia.

As the epicenter of the haze that shrouds the entire part of Peninsula of Malaysia is on the province of Sumatra and Riau in Indonesia, it is easily spread through the westerly wind across the Straits of Melaka. the ongoing spat between affected neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore could have been avoided.

The rain that we shall [NOT will] obviously get in the next couple of days is not natural, but man-made ones.  According to the Minister in the Prime Ministerial Department, Datuk Abdul Jamil Khir Baharom, the rain will wash the haze away. But will rain cause flash floods afterward?

The haze is not just caused by forest fire in Indonesia. There was once, one other factor such as the ash cloud from Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines back in 1991.

I think the masks have been sold out. Are pharmacies like Guardian and Watson’s trying to take advantages of such situation to hoard masks just for making some quick buck?

Haze [aka Smog] : Whose Fault is It and should Be Blamed?

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