A Sweet Revenge for PAS in Lemon River

First, it was Barisan Nasional in Kuala Besut [N1(T)]. Now, it looks like Barisan failed the 2nd by-election in Sungai Limau [N20(K)]. Though Barisan was well-accepted in the state legislative constituency, PAS defended it through newly-elected assemblyman, Mohd Azam bin Abd Samat. Azam, 37, dashed his Barisan opponent, Dr Ahmad Sohaimi bin Lazim, a 52-year old former UPSI lecturer by 12,069 votes with a slim majority of 1,084. Azam, on the other hand got only 10,284 votes.

Prior to (or during) the campaign, alleged photos of artificial limbs of the late former Kedah MB, Tan Sri Azizan Razak, thrown into a river surfaced on various online social medias. On the polling day itself, Azam’s vehicle got kicked by PAS supporters.

It’s so obvious that every time a Pakatan parliamentarian or a state legislative assembly person dies, each Pakatan party would do anything to avenge his or her death as well as to gain sympathy so that it can defend the seat. But how about Barisan?

Well, since the victory happened on the eve of Awal Muharram [Islamic New Year] , it was a boon for PAS, which preaches secular Islam. However, Barisan as a loser should do more from now to regain support by the constituents so that it can get the seat back from PAS in the XIV MyGE.


A Sweet Revenge for PAS in Lemon River

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