2K14 – VMY, World Cup, etc….

Assalamualaikum  (to all my fellow Muslims). ‘Sup peeps! 2013 has gone. Hello and welcome aboard 2014! While most enjoy holiday today (a public holiday by the way), some states in Malaysia have their work day as usual, including Johor. Speaking of Johor, the southernmost state of the Malaysian peninsula reverts to Friday and Saturday weekends from this year. So, will there be Friday Star, New Friday Times, Berita Harian Jumaat, Metro Jumaat, and Kosmo Jumaat for Johor as well as other states like Kedah, Kelantan, and Terengganu which already observe this different weekend to complement this weekend change? Anyways, here are what we can and shall look forward to this year:


The Malaysia branding logo embedded onto Visit Malaysia 2014 logo.
The Malaysia branding logo embedded onto Visit Malaysia 2014 logo.

We shall (Malaysia will) be THE (“duh”) host to the world for the fourth time. The last time we held it was in 2007, when Malaysia celebrated its (NOT her) semi-centennial independence. The first one was in 1990, and later 1994. This time, it carries the theme “Truly Asia“, the same tagline to promote Malaysia as a tourism destination internationally. For domestic tourism, it is Cuti-cuti 1Malaysia. So, I honestly urge my fellow Malaysians to less travel abroad (with the exemption of haj and umrah for Muslims) and support our (Malaysia’s) very own domestic tourism. To all our tourists, near or far, far away, Selamat Datang ke Malaysia! (Welcome to Malaysia!Enjoy your stay!


These are Top 3 sporting events which are going to be held this year, all of which are quadrennial events.

FiFA World Cup  in Brazil, the second Latin-American country in 28 years after Mexico to host the most prestigious sporting event of all time. Will hosts Brazil win in their own soil this time?

XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

XVII Asiad in Incheon, South Korea.



These people will be celebrating yet another milestone this year.

20 (b.1994)

Dakota Fanning (23rd Feb)

Justin Bieber (1st Mar)

25 (b. 1989)

Neelofa (24 March)

Chris Brown (5th May)

Lucy Hale (14th June)

Daniel Radcliffe (23rd July)

Jason Derulo (12th September)

Shaina Magdayao









Shaina Magdayao (6th November)

Taylor Swift (13th December)

30 (b. 1984)

Olivia Wilde

Fasha Sandha (28th March)

Mandy Moore (10th April)

Marian Rivera (12th Aug)

Alizee (21st August)

Avril Lavigne (27th September)

English: Park Han-byul

Park Han Byul (17th November)

40 (b.1974)

Kate Moss

Robbie Williams (13th February)

Ryan Reynolds (10th September)

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leonardo DiCaprio (11th November)

50 (b. 1964)

Nicolas Cage

Russell Crowe (7th April)

Sandra Bullock (26th July)

Keanu Reeves (2nd September)

60 (b. 1954)

John Travolta

Finally, I hope the domestic issues such as power tariff hike and other hike-related demonstrations will not jeopardise VMY2K14. Let us also hope that there will be fewer road accidents and criminal cases during VMY.

2K14 – VMY, World Cup, etc….

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