A Year after the 13th Malaysia General Election [XIII MyGE]….

It has been a year since we [Malaysians] saw the last held general election on this date. In the polls, Barisan Nasional only managed to recapture one state, Kedah from PAS. A series of by-election spin-offs happened, where Barisan retains two state legislature seats, namely Kuala Besut [N.1(T)] and Balingian [N.51(Q)]. Pakatan Rakyat also retained two state seats, Sungai Limau [N.21(K)] and Kajang [N.25(B)].

A multitude of issue surfaced, from the water issue to GST and MH370, and the latest, being the implementation of the hudud. It since drew flak from various quarters. As PAS celebrates its silver jubilee in Kelantan next year [2015], it presses on to follow in Brunei’s footsteps for being the first country in South-east Asia to implement such laws.

Now, on to the by-election. But, this time, it is for parliamentary seats of Bukit Gelugor (P.51) and Teluk Intan (P.76). They were both held by DAP.

The latest is the political saga in Terengganu. It all started when Datuk Seri Haji Ahmad bin Haji Said tendered his resignation as Menteri Besar of Terengganu as well as UMNO. This is not the first time Terengganu experienced this. According to the media, it happened way back in 1961. Malay Mail quoted political analyst, Wong Chin Huat as saying, ” The people should remember this. Therefore, when the government loses its majority in a state, a fresh election should be called”. The newspaper also quoted another analyst, Datuk Seri Chandra Muzaffar as saying, “If they vote for Ahmad Razif (current Terengganu MB), then, the BN will remain. But, if they remain neutral or vote against him (Razif), then, it would be a Pakatan state (again).”

A Year after the 13th Malaysia General Election [XIII MyGE]….

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