2K15 – MyYoF, GST, etc….

Assalamualaikum to all my fellow Muslims. Yo, Sup Y’all, peeps. Happy 2K15!


If last year [2K14] was Visit Malaysia Year, then this year will be the Year of Festivities. Brace yourselves for GST as well this year. And finally, get this. Maulidur Rasul [Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him)] will be celebrated twice this [Gregorian/Qamariya] year. 1st, on the 3rd of January, and another on the eve of Christmas. It is the 3rd such observation after Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Eid Mubarak) in 2000 and Hari Raya Aidiladha 6 years later.


Among biennial events to be held this year are:

The Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exposition (LiMA 2K15) (17th – 21st Mar)

XXVIII SEA Games in Singapore (5th – 16th June). A perfect gift as it celebrates its semi-centennial birthday of automatic independence from Malaysia. And of course, we shall (Malaysia will) be hosting the next one in 2017, as we turn 60 years old in that coming year.


These people will turn a milestone young or old:

20 (b. 1995)

Julia Montes (19 Mar)

Daniel Padilla (22 Apr)

25 (b. 1990)

Melissa Ricks (9 Jan)

Sean Kingston (3 Feb)

Andrea Bowen (4 Mar)

Kristin Stewart (9 Apr)

Emma Watson (15 Apr)

Kim Chiu (19 Apr)

Iggy Azalea (9 Jul)

Shila ND Lala (13 Aug)

Jennifer Lawrence (15 Aug)

Erich Gonzales (20 Sep)

Rhian Ramos (3 Oct)

Rita Ora (26 Nov)

JoJo Levesque (20 Dec)

David Archuleta (22 Dec)

30 (b. 1985)

Lewis Hamilton (7 Jan)

Heart Evangelista (14 Feb)

Anne Curtis (17 Feb)

KeiraKnightley (26 Mar)

Leona Lewis (3 Apr)

KC Concepcion (7 Apr)

Angel Locsin (23 Apr)

Colbie Caillat [pronounced “K-Lay”(Listeni/ˈklbi kəˈl/)] (28 May)

Bruno Mars (8 Oct)

Michelle Tratchenberg (11 Oct)

Kaley Cuoco (30 Nov)

Frankie Muniz (5 Dec)

Marsha Londoh (6 Dec)

Raven-Symone (10 Dec)

40 (b. 1975)

Natalie Imbruglia (4 Feb)

Drew Barrymore(22 Feb)

Eva Longoria (15 Mar)

Krisdayanti (24 Mar)

David Beckham and Dwayne “THE [duh] Rock” Johnson (2 May)

Christina Hendricks (3 May)

Enrique Iglesias (8 May)

Angelina Jolie (4 June)

Charlize Theron (7 Aug)

Kate Winslet (5 Oct)

Milla Jovovich (17 Dec)

50 (b.1965)

Maricel Soriano (25 Feb)

Sarah Jessica Parker (25 Mar)

Sandra Ng (2 Aug)

Aaron Kwok (26 Oct)

Datuk Shah Rukh Khan (2 Nov)

Ben Stiller (30 Nov)

Salman Khan (27 Dec)

60 (b.1955)

Rowan “Mr Bean” Atkinson (6 Jan)

Bruce Willis and Simon Yam (19 Mar)

Chow Yun-fat (18 May)

2K15 – MyYoF, GST, etc….

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