2K16 – Olympiad, MyGames, etc


How are you getting on?

Here are events that will take place this year.


11th Sarawak State Legislature Elections.

The United States of America will go to the polls. Hilary Rodham, wife of 42nd President of the US of A, Bill Clinton, will bid for her presidency. If Rodham wins, she will make history for being the country’s first female president, succeeding Barack Obama.


18th Malaysia Games – Sarawak will host this biennial sporting event for the second time. The last time this Hornbill State played host to it was in 1990. And since it is held during the Sarawak state legislature elections, I wonder if the Opposition wins these state polls, will it affect the athletes?

Olympics – If in 2014, Rio de Janiero hosted the FiFA World Cup, this year, this capital city of Brazil will see yet another sporting event. And yes, Neymar and Co will play football (soccer) for gold medal.


These people will turn a milestone old or young.

20 (b. 1996)

Kathryn Bernardo (26 March)

Abigail Breslin (14 April)

Ella Cruz (17 August)

Lorde (7 November)

Hailee Steinfeld (11 December)

25 (b.1991)

Ed Sheeran (17 February)

Atikah Suhaime (15 March)

Jamie-Lynn Spears (Younger Sister of Britney Spears) (4 Apr)

Shailene Woodley (15 November)

Charlie Puth (2 December)

30 (b 1986)

Lady GaGa (20 March)

Lisa Surihani (23 March)

Shia LeBouf (11 June)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (13 June)

Lindsay Lohan (2 July)

Christina Perri (19 August)

Camilla Belle (2 Oct)

Angelica Panganiban (4 Nov)

40 (b. 1976)

Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton (21 January)

Isla Fisher (3 February)

Freddie Prinze, Jr. (8 March)

Chester Bennington (20 March)

Keri Russell (23 March)

Colin Ferrell (31 May)

Alicia Silverstone (4 October)

50 (b. 1966)

Sharon Cuneta (6 January)

Rick Astley (6 February)

Ella (31 July)

Adam Sandler (9 September)
Ross Yusof (15 September)

60 (b. 1956)

Mel Gibson (3 January)

Geena Davis (21 January)

Randy Jackson (23 June)

Kim Catrall (21 August)

Tsai Ing-Wen (31 August)



2K16 – Olympiad, MyGames, etc

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