La Hami @ a Glance


Year of Birth : Monkey

Date of Birth : Same as Indian nationalist, Mahatma Gandhi.

Place of Birth : In a secular state in Malaysia.

Star : Libra

Radio Station I am Listening to Right Now : redfm, particularly on weekends.  Likes to switch channels when there is a traffic report.

Car Driven @ the Moment : Purple car named after a fish (like the picture above)

Best Feature : Pretends to be any astro channel he is watching or any radio station he is listening when he has nothing to do. Also good @ imit8in’ voices of well-known DJs, newscasters, and commercial voiceovers such as Ramli Abu Bakar, Robert Lam [R.i.P!], Ross Yusoff, Tim Ho, Rodney Michael, Geoffrey Nicholson, Adrian Seet, etc.


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